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“This package does an outstanding selling job … with a logic that would make it difficult for a targeted prospect to refuse.”
Gold Folio Judges


One of the most imaginative uses of poly we’ve seen is the 9”x10” from Playboy created by Josh Manheimer and David Wise.  The back has a huge clear window with the life-sized face of a blue-eyed beauty looking at you and saying, “Psst!  What are you doing for the next 12 months?”

The front of the mailing is truly inventive.  There are 4 windows in the front of the yellow poly outer envelope.  Inside is an L-shaped card; at the top of the L are 6 Playboy covers in 4-color showing through the upper left window.  At bottom left is a small window through which is seen a gold token that proclaims 62% savings and the computer-printed line: “Tell me if I am a New Jersey winner!”  The bottom right window is for the name and address on the order form to show through.

However, since the order card is L-shaped, the window in the upper right allows the element behind the order card to show through, a combo letter-lift piece with model Cincy Crawford in sepia, looking out invitingly; the lower half of her body is silhouetted in blue on the plastic envelope.

With this piece, Manheimer & Wise have created a veritable Chinese puzzle of different elements, colors and designs.  This is the first time we have seen a poly design that allows 3 separate pieces to be seen through its windows.  According to Barbara Guttman of Playboy this has recently become control.
Denison Hatch
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