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“Your direct mail package indexed 340! Unbelievable!”

Kim Souza
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May we send you over 500 all-new,
ten-minute solutions to fix
every maddening RV problem imaginable?



Introducing the exciting, all-new volume from the Editors of Trailer Life and Motor Home …


Volume II



“Oh, my God!” we heard from the camper next door.  “Someone do something!  Quick!”

Dear Fellow RVer,

I poked my head out of our Airstream and . . .it was not a pretty sight.

Our neighbor’s sewer hose had jumped off the dump valve outlet and foul, brackish water was spraying ... everywhere!

While the owner tried to wrestle the hose back into place, his wife ran around screaming for help.

“If you put a thick rubber band right here,” I said, attaching their hose back where it should be, “you won’t have this problem again.”

The husband looked at me gratefully, and I almost thought his wife was going to kiss me!

Later, after everyone got cleaned up, we invited our embarrassed neighbors over for some of mother’s apple pie.

“We thought we’d like RVing,” the guy said, “but we are just about ready to give up.  Last week we found mice in our galley.  Our landing legs dropped down during a rainstorm while we were moving!  And every 3,000 miles we have to repair something that costs an arm and a leg.”

“We’ve just about had it.  How do you guys keep going?”

“Life on the road can be a challenge,” I said.  “Unless you know a few secrets...”

“WHAT ARE THEY???” they demanded.

“Well, there was an amazing little book put out some time back by the folks who publish Trailer Life and Motor Home magazine.  If you look around in this camp ground, you’d probably find the book inside the rig of just about any serious RVer... who’s still smiling and having fun.

“Really!  What’s so great about it?” the husband asked.

“Well, first of all, the book revealed over 600 simple solutions to just about every maddening RV problem you can imagine.  Second, it was written in language that was so easy to follow, so simple to understand, anyone could use it.”

Mother came out of the Airstream and handed the husband our dog-eared edition.  It was called TEN MINUTE TECH–-THE BOOK.

“Good luck trying to find a copy,” she said.  “It’s out of print.”

Their faces dropped.

“But the news is not all bad,” I said.  “Now the Editors over at Trailer Life have assembled over 500 all-new tips and hints into TEN MINUTE TECH–-VOLUME II.”

I handed the husband a copy of the new book which I had just been reading.  “This all-new edition is jam packed with hundreds of clever ways to make your RV life easier, smoother, quieter, better, and … less costly!



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