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Behind the Scenes: Dogster Direct Mail Control

dogster "Don't mention dog breeds," the client said to me.

I looked at my phone perplexed.

I was being hired to write a direct mail customer acquisition pack age for a dog magazine, and I couldn't mention Jack Russell Terriers … Bernese Mountain Dogs … or Australian Shepherds.

"People like mutts," the client said, "except don't use the word ‘mutts.' We call them ‘mixed breeds.'"

I looked down at my snoring Basset Hound.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"Yeah. Don't show dogs on leashes. (We prefer harnesses.) Don't mention the humane society. (Bad. Bad.) And there is a trend away from dogs without snouts."

I picked up my Shih Tzu and held her close.

"I look forward to creating a big winner for you guys," I said.

That was several months ago.

Just a few days ago I learned that my package (with a snoutless bulldog on the outer) was pulling an astounding 7%!



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