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Dear Copywriting Colleague,

I've launched many new magazines over the years, and they're always a high wire act.

That's because you don't have years of back issues to use as ballast.

What you do have are competing visions what your creative should look like.

The Publisher ... (The Publisher's Spouse) ... The Editor ... The Circulation Director ... The Marketing Consultant ... The Guy Watering The Plants ... all may have different scribbles on the back of their napkins, so the first time they see the pub articulated on paper by you, well, let's just say it may not jive with what is in their heads.

Indeed it can be a challenge to keep your own head from rolling.

(Fortunately, I have a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy.)

Air & Space Smithsonian was one of my favorite launches to write.  For reasons that will quickly become apparent ... 

Dear Charter Member:

 It was a lovely, clear day in San Pedro, California when Larry Walters departed from his girlfriend's backyard ...

 ... in a Sears lawn chair powered by 45 helium baloons!!!

 After a leisurely 90-minute ascent to 16,000 feet -- where he startled first a TWA and then a Delta pilot -- Walters one-by-one shot out 10 balloons with a BB gun and eventually landed safely in some power lines, blacking out a small section of Long Beach.

 Perhaps you’ve had a similar yearning?

Sure, maybe not to fly in your lawn chair, but to soar ... dart ... orbit ... glide ... and free yourself from the weight and cares of being earthbound.

 Maybe you’ve asked yourself what it’s like to bail out of a jet fighter that’s streaking across the sky at the speed of sound.  Or how Neil Armstrong ever managed to sneak his golf clubs on board the Apollo spacecraft.

 Wonder no more!  Because now you can experience all the heart-pounding adventure for yourself every ...

If you'd like to download the entire launch package -- this month's free direct mail package download -- you'll find it here. Enjoy!

Launch Package for Air & Space Smithsonian, the Magazine.


P.S.  If you'd like access to dozens of my other legendary controls, waddle over to my Direct Mail University.   (




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