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The Greatest Copywriter in the English Language Finally Breaks His Silence

He's one of the greatest direct response copywriters in the English language.

And he's taken the time to break down -- step-by-step -- how to tell stories so compelling, so spellbinding, you can motivate any audience to open the window and shout, "My God!  You've just got to stop and read this!"

I'm talking, of course, about Richard Armstrong -- whose words are so artfully arranged, they will cause your eyes to moisten with the marvels of human achievement -- like listening to Pavarotti sing nine high Cs in Donizetti’s "Pour mon âme” … or watching Ronaldinho bend a soccer ball around a wall of 6 defenders  … 

Here on a gold platter and red velvet cushion is Richard's seminal document on Storytelling for you to add to your professional direct marketing library. 

Read it and weep.




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