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"Your direct mail package for More Magazine indexed at 200 doubling response. That doesn't happen too often in magazine history and is the first time it's happened at Meredith."
--Ellen de Lathouder
V.P. Creative Services
Meredith Corporation
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Introducing the magazine that celebrates women over 40!




Will you join our circle of women for one year


Dear Girlfriend,

Maybe you’ve heard about them.

Eleven women, ages 45 to 66, decided to raise money for leukemia by substituting on their annual garden calendar tasteful pictures of themselves...naked.

More interesting was the response.

The women hoped to raise $2,000.  They raised $550,000!

And around the world, middle-aged women shouted, “Go, girls!”  Why?  Because these brave women acknowledged what you and I have known all along.  Life doesn’t end at 40.  It’s just beginning!

It’s the beginning of a new confidence.  It’s the time for more relaxed relationships.  For many women, it’s even the start of a better sex life!

Now, there is a magazine in America today that will make you feel like you’re sitting around a circle with a bunch of trusted girlfriends who understand who you are, where you are, and what you’re feeling at this wonderful stage in life.

It’s called MORE magazine, and with your permission, I’d like to send you one full year of MORE-–FREE!




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