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Affix this sticker onto the enclosed Savings Certificate to get the next 12 issues of POPULAR MECHANICS at a price so low -- it's like getting ...















Dear Friend,


Hi. The way I see it, there are two kinds of guys out there.


You've seen the first type.


They're the guys who couldn't fix a shoelace if it broke. Nice guys, some of them. But put a socket wrench in their hands and they'd use it to butter toast.


The second type of guys are just the opposite. They're guys like you and me.


Self-reliant guys not afraid to splice a few wires together and save a $50 electrician's bill...


(over, please...)





Generous guys who like nothing better than helping a buddy tinker on his pickup some Sunday afternoon...


Inquisitive guys always keen to know ...


... how the Secret Service rigs the President's limo to stop would-be assassins ...


... how you can build your own personal helicopter ...


... how raw boards of cherry can be transformed into a handsome cabinet for your videos and CD's in just a few spare hours.


If you're the kind of "do-it-yourself" guy I think you are, then put down your tape measure for a second and listen up.


Because you'll want to hear how you can get your hands on the most popular magazine for "do-it-yourselfers" -- at a price so low -- it's like getting half-the-year free!


Which magazine am I talking about?


POPULAR MECHANICS, of course. The magazine one-and-a-half million guys turn to each month when they want to know ...




I've got just one issue opened in front of me and you wouldn't believe how much fascinating and helpful information is packed between the covers.


· Looking for a woodworking project this weekend? Page 55 tells you how to build a handsome maple coffee table -- step-by-step -- that will look great in any room in your home.


· Imagine an RV camper you can park -- on water! Turn to page 130 for a look at this amphibious feat of engineering!


· Interested in the tactics and weapons used by Navy's SEALS, Green Beret parachute jumpers, and Marine reconaissance battalions? Page 25 gives you a rare glimpse at our nation's elite commando forces and how they prepare for clandestine missions.


· A 14-year lightbulb! Page 102 explains the technology behind it.




· Which tv antennas work best? The in-depth product comparison on page 51 rates the latest models and how the new technology works.


· Thinking about adding a bathroom, renovating a leaky window, building a dry well for your downspouts, or stopping a water tank from sweating? On page 55 you'll find dozens of tips you can use that add real value to your home.


· Three points! On page 36 former N.Y. Giants Matt Bahr kicker breaks down the mechanics of kicking the perfect field goal.


· What's new in outboards? On Page 40 you'll take a close look at Honda's revolutionary 45-hp 4-stroke and why she's the cleanest running outboard afloat.


· Ever wonder if it was possible to add special effects to your home videos like they do in the movies? Page 114 explains how.


· Got a classic old rig you'd love to get back on the road? Page 106 reveals the little secrets professional body guys use to restore cars to mint condition.


That was only about half the articles you'd find in just one issue of POPULAR MECHANICS!


Imagine what you can learn holding a year's worth in your hands!


FOR THE WOODWORKER IN YOU ... you'll find fun, quick weekend projects -- with complete step-by-step instructions -- so you can build your own Shaker corner cabinet, Windsor chairs, Queen Anne highboy, or Chippendale bookcase.


You'll discover handy jigs for your power tools. A complete handbook of furniture styles and periods. Buyer's Guides that reveal which shop tools are best.


FOR THE SPORTS FAN IN'll get a break-down analysis of how the pros hit a perfect golf swing, a classic home run, an effortless jump shot, or a killer tennis serve.


You'll be fascinated to learn about the evolution of baseball equipment. The history of engine and body design in stock car racing. The latest trends in home fitness gyms. How electromagnetic sensors will someday replace the linesmen in tennis.




FOR THE AUTO ENTHUSIAST IN YOU ... you'll crawl under the hood of the hot new pickups, sports cars, minivans and find out what technical marvels engineers are thinking up next.


Our technicians will provide you with a complete analysis of how your limited-slip differential works.


Our spies will report back on the new cars and trucks coming out of Detroit, Germany, and Japan.


Our readers will tell you who's happy (or unhappy) with their car or truck so you don't get stuck with a lemon.


FOR THE HOMEOWNER IN YOU ... you'll learn dozens of little tricks like how to install wiring after the drywall is in place. How to etch the glass in your front doorway for a stunning effect. How to build a beautiful, but inexpensive redwood table and bench set for your yard.


You'll learn the secret to removing rust from your gutters, railings, flashing, storm doors and windows. The trick to painting aluminum siding, installing vinyl flooring, or waterproofing a basement.


FOR THE PILOT IN YOU ... you'll attend a "Top Gun" air combat school for civilians. See how a hand-held laser can lead rescuers to downed pilots in enemy territory. Review the latest aircraft designs with vertical takeoff ability. Get a guided tour of Air Force One.


FOR THE TRAIN ENTHUSIAST IN YOU ... you'll learn about 15 great train rides you can visit with your family. How a 175 mph Swedish Bullet Train pinch-hit for an Amtrak Metroliner between Washington, D.C. and New York.


Glimpse tomorrow's technology ... today!


You may not know it, but POPULAR MECHANICS is one of the oldest continually published magazines in America.


For over 90 years our subscribers have glimpsed tomorrow's technology -- often well before it "hits the streets."


You think high-tech sneakers are new? Back in 1920 we featured a pair of shoes with a pneumatic insole that could be inflated with a bicycle pump.


Think fax machines are new? See Popular Mechanics, 1938.




More recently, you could have glimpsed ...


· A robotic janitor.


· Earthquake shock absorbers for buildings.


· A space mirror that can turn night into day.


· A car that folds into a suitcase.


· What it will be like driving with methanol in your gas tank.


FOR THE RACE CAR DRIVER IN YOU ... you'll strap yourself into the fastest automobiles on earth, and get a tour of the technology that makes a winner these days. Discover how drag racers achieve speeds once thought impossible. Learn how the top drivers stay cool while their car is burning up around them.


FOR THE BOATING ENTHUSIAST IN'll climb aboard the latest personal water scooters, muscle boats, sporty day cruisers, fishing vessels and learn which boats pack the most bang for your buck.


Glimpse the Navy's super secret "invisible" warship. Take a 20-foot bass boat 1700 miles up the mighty Mississippi.


FOR THE ELECTRONICS NUT IN YOU ... you'll get tips on how to add voice recognition to your PC. How to use your home computer to edit your home videos. How to decide which is best for you -- the new minidiscs or digital compact cassettes.


Save at the garage!




Keeping our cars and homes in tip-top shape are probably the two biggest expenses you and I face.


In POPULAR MECHANICS you'll learn how to track down intermittent electrical problems. Replace your timing belt. Check your car's trouble codes. Take apart your own clutch. Adjust a parking brake.


Save on home repairs!


In POPULAR MECHANICS you'll get advice on how to install and clean ceramic tile. Keep your gutters muck-free. Fix a faulty dishwasher. Remove rust stains from a bathtub. Cover driveway oil spots. Attach an icemaker to your refrigerator.


I don't have to tell you the savings you'll get from just one tip alone can easily pay for a year's subscription.




We'll also answer those questions that may have been nagging at you for some time.


Questions like...


· Why didn't the World Trade Center collapse after the huge bomb went off in the basement?


· How did an ad agency bungee-jump a GMC truck off a bridge?


· Will cable radio offer superior sound to FM?


· Do power lines, cellular phones, video monitors and other electronic devices emit harmful radiation?


Well, so far I've given you just a hint of what you'll find in a year's worth of POPULAR MECHANICS.


But you'll never really know until you send for your introductory subscription at this incredible low savings.


To get POPULAR MECHANICS at a price so low --

it's like getting six issues free ...


... SEND NO MONEY NOW. Simply mail back your Savings Certificate in the enclosed postage free envelope.


Upon receipt we will reserve a 12-issue subscription in your name at the low introductory rate of just $10.00 That's right. Twelve issues for just ten bucks! That's less than 84 cents an issue!


Save over $23! If you were to walk down to your local newsstand once a month and buy those same twelve issues, you'd pay more than twenty-three dollars. Now, without leaving your arm chair, you're saving over thirteen bucks.


(Don't bother getting out your 60-function calculator. I'll tell you. That's a price so low, it's like getting -- six issues free!)


Your Guarantee. We haven't been around for 90 years by disappointing around our readers. If for any reason you decide you made a mistake, you're not going to hear us whine about it.


We'll give you a full refund on all unmailed issues. No questions. No strings.





So the next time your neighbor asks you to fix her dishwasher ...


The next time a kid asks you to help him fine tune his stock car for the big race ...


The next time your "significant other" says she needs a new mahogany dining room table -- one week before her folks arrive!...


... you'll smile quietly knowing you are the kind of guy who can handle any problem that comes at you big or small -- yourself.


(With some occasional advice from your fellow "do-it-yourselfers" here at POPULAR MECHANICS).






Joe Oldham




P.S. Some guys like our low introductory subscription offer so much they ask if they can hop on board for two years. Well, I got news for you. If you choose to subscribe for two years, we'll sell the farm and give you 24 issues for only $17. That's like getting ## issues free!


Either way, if you mail back your Savings Certificate today, you can pay in just three low monthly installments. Not a bad way to get started, huh?






Pick-up Truck



Grandfather Clock



Home Appliance


Please read this note...



(push letter)


Bob Dillingham



Dear Friend,


Which $20,000 domestic pickup tested better than it's $25,000 Japanese competition?


Which of the new tv antennas gives the best reception, and who will explain to you the revolutionary technology behind it?


Which 8mm camcorders tested best? Which hammer drills did the best job? Which home fitness gyms ... water treatment systems ... table saws ... won't break down the moment you take them out of the box?


For answers. For facts. For unbiased product reviews. For explanations behind the new technology.


Turn to POPULAR MECHANICS. Now at a price so low -- it's like getting six issues free!*


Every month we tear the hoods off trucks ... the doors off refrigerators ... the casing off power tools ... and peer inside to see what makes them tick.


Then we report back to you our findings in plain English. The result? You come away knowing which products work. Which products will last. Which products have real value.


It takes only one smart purchase to make your subscription to POPULAR MECHANICS a smart, money-saving investment. I look forward to hearing from you.





P.S. Now that we've ratcheted down the price so you can get half-the-year practically for free! -- isn't it worth returning the enclosed Savings Certificate today?




* When compared to the $23.40 single-copy cost for 12 issues.





What makes it TICK?


If you're the kind of guy

who just has to roll up your

sleeves and find out,

come inside...








(upper left corner)


Popular Mechanics

250 West 55th Street

New York, NY 10019


Now at a price so low -- it's like getting





(reply device)







__YES! I want the next year of POPULAR MECHANICS at a price so low -- it's like getting 6 issues free. Bill me just $10 for 12 issues (that's less than 84 cents an issue!) On the newsstand I'd pay $23.40 ($1.95 an issue).




__Please send my 24 issues for only $17.00. (I save over $29.00!) That's like getting ## issues free!




"I can cancel at any time and receive a full refund on all unmailed issues."


__Please bill me 3 monthly payments of $3.33 each


__My payment is enclosed.








POPULAR MECHANICS newsstand price is $1.95 a copy. Regular subscription price: 12 issues $15.95 in U.S. and possessions. Offer expires 9/30/94 A Publication of The Hearst Corporation. Your first copy will be on its way to you in 6 to 12 weeks.




Now at a price so low --

it's like getting

six issues free!


[Bob/Marty, Choose




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