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"Just wanted to let you guys know that your package killed the control by more than 50%! Nice job!"
--Dean Lage
Belvoir Media Group
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Trail Rider

If you love that feeling you get riding a surefooted mount in wide-open country…

…then may we send you a FREE SAMPLE ISSUE of …




Dear Horse Lover,

It’s early morning and the perfect day for a trail ride.

You grab the saddle horn, place your foot in the stirrup, and swing onto your mount.

One last check makes sure you have everything –- gear... friends...and that page you tore from a magazine that reveals the hidden, off-the-beaten-path trails that await you.

As you head out to explore new territory, an incredible feeling overcomes you.  This is what trail riding is all about. 

Being far from fences and gates, savoring your freedom, and exploring this amazing country of ours much the way our forefathers did -– in the saddle with the best view in the world -- from atop your trusted horse.

Now, I’m happy to report there is finally a magazine that shares your passion for equines and enthusiasm for riding across the wide-open savannahs of Georgia, down gullies and gorges in New Mexico, along streams and riverbeds in Alaska, across prairies and pastures in Wyoming, up precipitous caverns in California and through soft, pine-covered forests in Vermont.

It’s called THE TRAIL RIDER, and a FREE SAMPLE ISSUE has been set aside for you to enjoy.

May we send it to you with our compliments?






Thank You!

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