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Direct Response

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For 3 decades I've helped some of the biggest names in healthcare
craft compelling messages that motivate
their audiences to take action.

Harvard Health Publishing
John Hopkins School of Medicine
Duke University School of Medicine
New England Journal of Medicine
United Healthcare
Mount Sinai
Cleveland Clinic

"Your package for EVERYDAY HEALTH HINTS now tops our winner's list as the BEST-EVER direct mail package for Rodale books with results 2 to 1 over the standard! In fact, response was so high, we had to change the print run."

Kathi Ramsdell, Promotion Manager, Rodale Press

Answers to questions you may have about my healthcare direct response copywriting

What kind of healthcare copywriting do you do?

All kinds. WHEN one of the nation’s largest medical groups needed an expert strategist to reposition their service lines and then craft innovative full-page ads to run in Modern Healthcare … WHEN Cleveland Clinic, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Harvard Health needed powerful, long-form copy to acquire new subscribers for their health newsletters …WHEN ConnectiCare needed to map out the cadences for all of their Medicare insurance mailings because 10,000 seniors turn 65 every day …WHEN The New England Journal of Medicine needed help promoting their CME program to physicians who had already forked over a king’s ransom for years of training ... WHEN NBC needed a pilot script for a new TV show about Bellevue hospital; the hit drama, NEW AMSTERDAM, is entering its 5th season … they dove for the phone and called me.


Do you write B2B healthcare copy?

You bet. I helped launch a new Long-Term Care Accountable Care Organization (ACO) for Sound Physicians, reaching out to physicians who specializie in caring for the sickest of the sick. I’ve also helped The New England Journal of Medicine market their CME program to physicians.



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