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Direct Response

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For 3 decades I've helped our nation's biggest insurance companies craft powerful direct mail packages that motivate their audiences to take action.


"I am NOT the greatest story telling copywriter in America.  That title belongs to Josh Manheimer....This guy doesn't just beat controls, he bludgeons them to death with 100%, 200%, even 300% victories."

Richard Armstrong, A-List, Direct Response Copywriter

Answers to questions you may have about my insurance direct response copywriting

What kinds of insurance direct mail do you do?

Lots. I’ve created auto insurance packages for members of the NEA.  Travel Accident campaigns for members of the American Legion.   Short Term Recovery for members of MOAA. I've worked on medicare insurance campaigns, birthday life campaigns, death and disability campaigns.


Do you ever launch new insurance products?

Yes. I recently launched an emergency travel insurance product for parents worried about their kids going off to college.


How does insurance direct mail differ from other forms of direct mail?

Insurance is a highly regulated industry, so your copy must be powerful and compliant. Sometimes half your package can be filled with disclaimers. Trying to figure out how to distribute the legal copy amongst the various pieces of paper can be a challenge.

What are the design obstacles?

Selling insurance is serious business. It's usually not the time to splash colorful images on your outer envelope. Official and Urgent are the two operating words you must hold dear. The design needs to reflect that ... which often means Certificates and Bald Eagles. But not always. In addition, most insurance clients will have multiple affinity relationships, so your personalization must handle branding from myriad associations and unions. Is your address window going to be extra large to show off your logo from, say, the IEEE? These are the kinds of questions the insurance direct response copywriter and designer have to wrestle with.




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