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“Wow! Gross is four times and net is double!”
--Cynthia Zhao
Circulation Director
The Asian Wall Street Journal
"Your direct mail package indexed 340! Unbelievable!"
Kim Souza
Marketing Manager
Affinity Group
"Your direct mail package for More Magazine indexed at 200 doubling response. That doesn't happen too often in magazine history, and is the first time it's happened at Meredith."
Ellen de Lathouder
V.P. of Creative Services
Meredith Corporation
"Hi Josh, We launched our promotion last Friday and ... had our busiest day in history this week - 16 appointments. Yesterday we had 15 appointments. These are some pretty gaudy numbers in our industry. Our regular customers are stocking up on massage gift certificates (for themselves, not to give away) just like I had initially anticipated. Your emails played a big part in its success! Thanks again for your suggestions and copy."
Woodbury Oriental Massage
Woodbury, MN
"Not sure if anyone's mailing these days. And I'm really not sure anyone's posting 10% response rates. Anyone, that is, but MaryJanesFarm!"
Greg King
Senior V.P. Circulation
Dear Josh, I swim in your wake. I have long admired your work (especially one effort I recall for Writer's Digest), and I often find myself recommending you when clients are looking to test something other than my stuff. I'm very good at selling clients on using me, but not quite as good at making the package! I steal shamelessly from you ...
--Prefers to Remain Anonymous
The Greatest Storytelling Copywriter in America Okay, having done my share of bragging, let me—as Richard Nixon used to say—make one thing perfectly clear: I am not the greatest storytelling copywriter in America. I believe that title belongs to a copywriter by the name of Josh Manheimer. You may not recognize that name. He keeps a somewhat low profile compared to most of the raging egotists in this business (including myself). He doesn’t write many articles. He doesn’t give many speeches at copywriting seminars. But he does have a website: and he recently launched an e-zine. If you look at his website you’ll see that his track record— especially with consumer magazines, which are his specialty—is almost unparalleled in the recent history of direct marketing. This guy doesn’t just beat controls, he bludgeons them to death with 100%, 200%, even 300% victories. More to the point, his most successful packages almost always use a storytelling lead. (Not all of them, but the majority.) There is, quite frankly, nobody in the world who’s better at it. I’ll be using some of Josh’s work as examples, in addition to my own, to make various important points in this booklet ... ”
Richard Armstrong
A-List Copywriter
"Your Trigger package now tops our winner's list as the best-ever direct mail package for Rodale books with results 2 to 1 over the standard! In fact, response was so high, we had to change the print run."
Kathy Ramsdell
Promotion Manager
Rodale Press
"I've never written a letter to a direct mail copywriter before. But your subscription package for Writer's Digest was super."
Bob Bly
The Copywriter's Handbook
"Your direct mail package beat our launch package by almost 50% on a net response basis. This is a phenomenal response!"
Jackie Prince
Circulation Director
"Cash orders is 84%. That's fairly phenomenal, Josh."
Colleen Cannon
F&W Publishing
"The direct mail package for Writer's Digest was so successful that, for years, it crushed tests written by some of the biggest names in the business."
Gordon Grossman
Circulation Management
"We were astonished when your direct mail package pulled 72% better. I had not thought such an increase was possible."
Rob Dubin
Sailing Quarterly
"Here's a launch control that makes me almost believe that the traditional (read time-tested and known-to-perform) creative approach to subscription packages is on the upswing."
Elaine Tyson
Circulation Management
"Yes, you're winning, pulling over 50% better than the old control, and without significant fall-off in credit pay-up, and with the same number of people putting cash in the envelope."
Sam Shulman
New England Monthly
"One way to intrigue is with teaser copy on the outer envelope that is so wildly interruptive and outrageous, you simply must find out what's going on inside. This is the technique used by Josh Manheimer."
Dennis Hatch
Who's Mailing What!
"Over the years you've created winning direct mail packages for nearly all of our titles: The Artist's Magazine, HOW, SPARK!, and Story."
Colleen Cannon
Promotion Director
F&W Publishing
"Your direct mail package is beating all others."
Allen Williams
Consumer Reports
"It was a pleasure to finally talk to the Josh Manheimer. I hope you can beat your own control!"
Cassandra McDermott
The Christian Science Monitor
"Your direct mail package is almost doubling the control!"
Story Magazine
F&W Publishing
"As usual, a stellar effort! In reviewing HORSE JOURNAL'S status today, I was again struck by the impact of your HORSE SENSE package. It has really helped the momentum and strength of the title."
Donn Smith
Belvoir Publications
"Your excellent creativity is showing VERY SIGNIFICANT results in renewals."
Rob Dubin
Sailing Quarterly
Video Magazine
"Finally got this year's copy of Who's Charging What! Had no idea it was you who did so many of my favorite packages. Your work reminds me why I got into direct in the first place. Thanks for showing the rest of us the way!"
"I'm a direct mail copywriter too, and I like to keep a wary eye on the competition, and someone of your ability deserves the wariest of eyes!"
Richard Armstrong
"The improvement in p(1) net subs was a whopping 45%!"
Chris Salem
Circulation Director
"JOSH: 10.55%! Bill Jayme: 7.06% Congratulations!"
Ellen de Lathouder
Cooking Light
"I was singing your praises and reading your copy to a class of 102 people attending the Columbia Journalism School's annual Publishing Course."
Elaine Tyson
Tyson Associates
"Big winner over our other voucher. 40% lift in net. Thanks."
Greg King
Belvoir Media Group
"Just wanted to let you guys know that your direct mail package killed the control by more than 50%! Nice job."
Dean Lage
Belvoir Media Group
"You are still winning big. Still by a factor of 2 to 1. In fact, BOTH of your packages (regular pkg and double card) are winning big."
James Barker
Vermont Magazine
"Your Yellow Poly direct mail package has been the control at Playboy for at least 12 seasons!"
Phyllis Rotunno
"The four-page letter for New England Monthly is a masterpiece of exclusivity, highly personal copy, mystery, irresistible teases, bold promises. It pulls a dazzling 35% cash with 80% pay-up!"
Denison Hatch
Who's Mailing What!
"Your Trigger package is perhaps the perfect direct mail package. It should be in a vacuum-sealed glass case somewhere!"
Richard Armstrong
Direct Mail Copywriter
"This direct mail package does an outstanding selling job with a logic that would make it difficult for a targeted prospect to refuse."
Gold Folio Award Judges
"Your launch direct mail package pulled really well! On top of that, you were such a pleasure to work with!"
Sandy Ress
Birder Magazine
"Your direct mail package beat the control in both house and rental. House response was 18% higher, rental response was 54% higher!"
Steve Sachs
Time Life
Dear Sir Josh of Manheimer, Here I sit in my office, staring dispassionately at a familiar blank page, needing inspiration for a promotion. I fumble through Clayton Makepeace swipes. Sigh. I thumb through John Carlton letters. Double sigh. And I flip trough a book or two in my library. P-l-e-a-s-e. Then, I reach for my four-inch, three-ring binder full of J.C. Manheimer & Co. sales promotions. Once again, I’m sucked in and I feel a surge of energy. It takes mere moments before I have my starting place. I turn to the computer ready to write… Thank you for putting together such a valuable resource that can still get a man’s blood flowing.
Aaron Crocker
I am absolutely delighted at how quick and awesome you dove into this project!!!!! You are the FIRST writer we have had come in after all this time that truly listens, understands and gave us what we are looking for. I see this going down the road as a definite relationship! Thank you so much. I was so excited I took it into my CMO and she had the same response. AWESOME!
Prefers to Remain Anonymous
“The more aggressive version of the letter (yours) did better. No surprises there. But what WAS surprising is that it outperformed my version by nearly 50 basis points. Not bad for a 1st campaign!”
Marketing Director
Josh, I've used your letter with our current donors, and so far, it has done awesome! This is the best response rate we have ever received.
Rob Benn-Frenette
Executive Director
“You developed one of the most successful promotions this little company has ever done - and we got so busy for 3 weeks we couldn’t see straight.”
Rob Adams
President, Solaflect
“In Recognition of Outstanding Achievement in Direct Marketing.”
Direct Marketing Association of Washington
The BurnCage has been doing rather nicely often makes our top 10 in weekly sales, with the advertorial "Call 911!" ad (and variations) getting the most response ...
John Berlind
I just wanted to let you know that the package you created is doing very well … with an average order that’s much higher than what we typically see. Thank you again for all of the hard work and effort you poured into this piece.  It appears to be paying off in a major way. Just thought I’d make your day!
Healthy Directions
"This is too good not to share: Scott at USNI is so excited about the Naval History mailing. First full day of response intake, and they are at 1.5% response (over 600, including 10 payments). It is a BML offer to non member house files and outside rentals, but even with a low pay rate they are likely to far exceed their projected paid response for this mailing. Scott is going to need to order more magazines to fulfill the trial orders!” 

“Unmmmmmmmm. Have I told you lately how much I love you. This is incredible. You are such a gifted writer!!!  Holy cow! Seriously Josh thank you sooooo much. You have gone above and beyond!!!!!"
Lisa Shields
"You are an insanely talented copywriter."
Matt O'Connor
Conversion Gods
If you want to witness brilliance, go to Josh's website and read every single word of every single page. Then save the pages to your computer and repeat the exercise again next week. Then the week after. Continue doing this week after week. In just a few months of this routine, you'll have gained more copywriting insight than sitting down with Gene Schwartz himself. That Josh dude is a monster. And there's a ton you can pick up from his samples on his website.
The CR on the lander is an amazing 39%. Never seen it this high.
Josh's ability to come up with unique hooks for products is other-worldly. He's not just "next level". The guy is several levels above everyone I've EVER worked with. Period. Bar none. Selfishly, I don't want to even post this feedback because I want to keep him all to ourselves.
Todd K.
Josh, this is terrific. I love the tone of the letter. You are fabulous!
The Museum at Eldridge Street
Hi Josh, I'm nearly done with the first draft of my first ever PR pitch for a book my client has just published. I've got to say - the whole process has been a lot easier, and a whole lot more fun using your approach (I've modeled it off the pitch you wrote for 101 real estate mistakes). Thanks again for sharing it so freely. I will keep you posted on the response once I'm done with my first ever PR attempt. Nate
Hi Josh, I was just about to bid on an Elance gig and thought I'd check out the competition. I noticed your bold claim to google you - and duly obliged. Let's just say I was shocked. I thought I knew about all of the copywriting greats, but you seem to have slipped under my radar. I've added some of your samples to my swipe folder. I'm a rookie copywriter, so it's great to see success stories. Thank you! Kind Regards Sam
Hi Josh (or J.C., if you prefer?), What a discovery you are! Your free leads PDF is amazing. I love your story leads. Better than a lot of similar ones I've seen. I've been studying direct response copywriting for a while, but I don't often see your name and I'm not sure why. You're obviously one of the best out there.
Dear Mr. Manheimer, I hardly ever write to people I don't know on the Internet, but had to after I stumbled across your website and was blown away by control samples you put up... ...and even more blown away by the PR pitches and letter leads you gave out for FREE. As a fresh copywriter - you sir, are a breath of fresh air in a world of self-proclaimed Internet copywriting "gurus" and an inspiration for someone who wants to hone their craft. The world needs more copywriters like you. I am in healthcare and would like to know if the direct mail controls you sell on your site contain any samples in the health field. If they do, I would love to snap them up. Best regards.
From Australia
"The more aggressive version of the letter (yours) did better. No surprises there. But what WAS surprising is that it outperformed my version by nearly 50 basis points. Not bad for a 1st campaign!"
Marketing Director
"After studying Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Parris Lampropoulos and all of the old Masters, I consider myself very fortunate to have found your website. I'll be studying your packages, and hopefully stealing your secrets, too ;-) It was an honor to read your work."
"Your package increased our upfront response by 30% while at the same time giving us a 37% increase in conversion."
Karol Aubitz
Kemp (Shredder/Chipper) Company
"Hi Josh, I found your controls samples through a link on a copywriting forum. Thanks! They are bursting with passion and have rekindled some joy in writing advertising for me. I could read your stuff for hours. This is exactly how I want to write em!"
ES3 Marketing
"I wish there was some way to give a super star rating for Josh. I can see why he is one of the world's best direct mail copywriters! I have spent 5 years writing internet sales copy myself, but having Josh first guide me and then fix my direct marketing copy had been an unbelievable experience. I honestly don't believe he sleeps much at all as his responses are rapid and to the point! I now have a direct marketing sales letter and order form that I know has every chance of succeeding. And I can't wait to unleash it! On top of that I've learned so much about direct marketing."
Amer Siddiq
Publisher, Tax Insider
"Your Gooseberry Patch package is making Oxmoor House direct mail history! It pulled an unbelievable response - so much so that we canceled our creative test for the next mailing, thinking that it would be wasted money!"
Julie Doll
Marketing Manager
OxMoor House
"Josh, your emails are kicking ass! Up over 11%+ conversion rate from 7.22%! Not only was waking you up hilarious and worth the money, you're turning us a significant return on investment."
Adam Young
Community Service Help
Hi Josh, I just wanted you to know we are still waiting for results for the brilliant Nation package you did for us. Thanks!
Michelle O'Keefe
Circulation Manager
The Nation
Hi Josh, you don't know me but I just wanted to say a great big WOW! from Canada. Was browsing LinkedIn and came across your little ad, followed it, and was glued to your work. I'm also in marketing, you like ARE marketing. You're an inspiration! Great, great stuff! Regards, Deb
Deb Gray
A Whole-Brain World
"Damn you, Manheimer. I'm on a really tight deadline and unfortunately I just discovered your site. Not only did all the cool stuff on it cost me a good hour on my project, I'll probably have to polish up my copy an extra half dozen to get it anywhere near where you've raised the bar. Thanks a bunch."



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