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Meet the DYI’er who created a robot so his goldfish could walk. Or the inventor working on a personal electric airplane that doesn’t need a runway. Or the company that created a foldable bike helmet which fits in a briefcase. Or the team which invented thermal radar to see intruders in the dark -- from all angles!

In every issue we talk to the most ingenious men and women on the planet -- from Nobel scientists to brilliant backyard DYIer’s -- who show you the new scientific ground their breaking ... the new gadgets they’re creating... the new thoughts they’re thinking...

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Push past the doors marked "PRIVATE"
and learn what makes things tick?
Yes, I want Popular Science
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Get your hands on the newest and coolest gadgets, cars, ships, engines,
computers, phones and find out how they work.
Throughout the year, we’ll climb into amazing new airplanes, battleships, submarines, cars (like this $845,000 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder) and see what new technology they’re using, and what makes them tick.
Yes, I want Popular Science
for only $1.25/issue!
Each month, can I take you on a journey you’ll never forget?

Dear Friend,

How did Fedex deliver 7 whales to an aquarium, 77 horses to Qatar, and 504,000 bottles of 2004 Beaujolais Nouveau wine to wine enthusiasts in Japan?

Could a virgin birth ever happen? Can a chip make oceans drinkable? How do you electrify the rear wheel of any bike so pedaling becomes effortless.

Who is building a sports car that gets 94 mpg? Or hacking the immune system to kill cancer and AIDS?

For answers to fascinating questions like these, turn to Popular Science -- now available in print and on your iPad -- for an unheard of 81% off the cost other people pay.

If you’re new to Popular Science, you may not be aware that we have been making science and technology fun, fascinating and accessible for 142 years.

How? In every issue, we seek out the world’s most brilliant inventors … the most ingenious do-it-yourselfers … and report back how their innovations will improve and transform our lives.

Whether we’re hunting for dark matter or taking apart a remote controlled blimp and learning what makes it tick...

Whether we’re meeting the astrophysicists on the forefront of intergalactic travel... the engineers who are developing new motorbikes and new battleships... or the researchers developing antidotes for deadly virulent warfare...

Whether we're getting our hands on the latest cool gadgets and computers, or we're revealing who is converting gasoline from algae or harvesting the ocean's endless wave power...

...every issue of Popular Science offers you a tantalizing, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing” glimpse at the future and how amazing new technology will revolutionize the world you and I live in.

Why not give us a try before these low subscription rates expire?

There’s no risk. And I promise you’ll discover something fascinating on every page.

Cliff Ransom,
Editor in Chief

Cliff Ransom

P.S. SPECIAL ISSUES: With your order you'll also receive annual special issues that you won't want to miss, including The Invention Issue, The Brilliant Ten, and the Best of What's New, a look at the 100 best innovations of the year.

Yes, I want Popular Science
for only $1.25/issue!
Our Legendary Special Issues

With your order you'll also receive annual special issues that you won't want to miss. The 100 Best Innovations of the Year

How It Works: Your World Explained: The new
Formula E racecar, e-cigarettees, Wiffle balls

The Water Issue: How One Tiny Molecule Could Change the Planet

The Invention Awards: Celebrating American Innovation for 142 Years

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for only $1.25/issue!
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