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Special Interest Direct Mail

Launch ,  Direct Mail Copywriter
Direct Mail Craft Book
Direct Mail Member Acquisition
Direct Mail ,  Audience Development
Direct Mail New Magazine Launch
Direct Response Copywriter
Direct Mail ,  Audience Development
Direct Mail Membership Marketing
Direct Mail ,  Audience Development
Direct Mail Book Launch
Direct Mail Membership Acquisition
Direct Mail Book Launch
Direct Mail ,  Audience Development
Direct Mail ,  Audience Development
Direct Mail Craft Continuity
Direct Mail Magazine Relaunch
Direct Mail Audience Development
Direct Mail ,  Audience Development
Direct Mail Book Launch
Direct Mail ,  Circulation Management
Direct Mail ,  Audience Development
Direct Mail ,  Audience Development
Direct Mail
Direct Mail New Magazine Launch
Circulation Direct Response Copywriting
Direct Mail ,  Life Renewal
Direct Mail New Club Launch 

Answers to questions you may have about my Direct Mail University

What is Direct Mail University?

My baby. Today it's harder and harder to get your hands on great, proven direct mail packages from the past. Not that long ago you could climb into the dumpster behind any post office and cart away a veritable library of brilliant junk mail. Today, you'd just get covered with chewing gum and credit card offers. DMU is my attempt to make available to students of direct mail dozens of my legendary direct mail controls which rocked direct marketing to its molten core.


How many of your legendary controls do you feature?

A ton. Soon you can access my 5-year control for POPULAR MECHANICS, an 8-year control for THE N.Y. REVIEW OF BOOKS,  a 10-year control for WRITER'S DIGEST, and an 11-year control for THE NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION. Soon you can get your hands on my launch for STORY MAGAZINE which pulled 14%. My package for COOKING LIGHT which grossed 10.55%. My winner for DOUBLETAKE which doubled anything they'd ever stuck in a mail sack. Soon you can read to your children at night my acquisition effort for THE ASIAN WALL STREET JOURNAL which quadrupled response, and it was written -- in Chinese! 

Can I download and view the direct mail campaigns?

Yes. In a secure SCIF. Each pdf will be stamped with your name and is FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL EYES ONLY.


What will I learn by studying your direct mail campaigns?

For the working direct marketing professional these documents will be instantly recognizable as the blueprints you need to unlock the doors marked PRIVATE -- doors which have hitherto been closed for decades.  Once glance inside these extraordinary direct mail packages, and you’ll understand with a seer’s clarity how I craft direct response campaigns that you'll want to brazenly steal from … and sell your mother to write. Within an hour, you will instinctively recognize the underlying structure behind an award-winning promotion and either how to write them yourself or inspire others to creative genius.




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