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For 3 decades we've created the most successful direct mail sales letters in the history of direct response marketing.

Now may we create powerful conversion copy online and in print for you?

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Perhaps you've heard of our
direct marketing clients?

National Geographic
Cleveland Clinic
New England Journal of Medicine
Consumer Reports
The Wall Street Journal
Time Life Books
Air & Space
California Casualty
Harvard Health

"Wow! Gross is 4 times and net is double!"

Cynthia Zhao, Circulation Director
The Asian Wall Street Journal
"Your direct mail package for More Magazine indexed at 200 doubling response. That doesn't happen too often in magazine history and is the first time it's happened at Meredith."
Ellen de Lathouder
V.P. of Creative Services
Meredith Corporation
"Your Trigger package now tops our winner's list as the BEST-EVER direct mail package for Rodale books with results 2 to 1 over the standard! In fact, response was so high, we had to change the print run."
Kathy Ramsdell
Promotion Manager
"Your copy is making Oxmoor House direct mail history! It pulled an unbelievable response - so much so that we canceled our creative test for the next mailing, thinking it would be wasted money!"
Julie Doll
Promotion Manager
Time, Inc.

You'll find our work featured in these
2 volumes on direct marketing

world's greatest direct sales letters
"I've never written a letter to a direct mail copywriter before. But your subscription package for Writer's Digest was super."
Bob Bly
The Copywriter's Handbook
million dollar mailings

"Your direct mail package indexed 340!

-Kim Souza, Marketing Manager, Affinity Group
"We were astonished when your direct mail package pulled 72% better. I had not thought such an increase was possible."
Rob Dubin, Publisher, Sailing Quarterly
"Not sure if anyone's mailing these days. And I'm really not sure anyone's posting 10% response rates. Anyone, that is, but MaryJanesFarm!"
G.K., Belvoir Media Group
take off
"Your package beat our launch package by almost 50% on a net response basis. This is a phenomenal response!"
Jackie Prince, Doubletake

"I am NOT the greatest storytelling copywriter in America. That title belongs to ... Josh Manheimer. This guy doesn’t just beat controls, he bludgeons them to death with 100%, 200%, even 300% victories."

Richard Armstrong
A-List Copywriter


"A 14% response is perfectly incredible!"

F&W Publishing
wood magazine
"Just wanted to let you guys know that your package killed the control by more than 50%! Nice job."
Dean Lage
Belvoir Media Group
country home
"Cash orders is 84%. That's fairly phenomenal, Josh."
Colleen Cannon
Promotion Director
give up nothing
"JOSH: 10.55% Congratulations!"
Ellen de Lathouder
Circulation Director
Southern Progress

Master the Art of Written Persuasion

Welcome to Josh's
Direct Mail University
Need inspiration?
Thumb through my legendary direct mail sales letter examples.

"The improvement in p(1) net subs was a whopping 45%!"

Chris Salem
Circulation Director

"Josh, I've used your letter with our current donors and...
this is the best response rate we've received!"

Rob Benn-Frenette
Executive Director

Answers to questions you may have about my direct response copywriting

Are you really the world’s greatest direct mail copywriter?

Well, if not the greatest copywriter, pretty darn close. We’ve been featured in two books: Million Dollar Mailings and The World’s Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters (4 times). Check out our mountain of controls. Also, our peers regularly send us love letters. From copy guru, Bob Bly: "I’ve never written a letter to a direct mail copywriter before, but your subscription package for Writer’s Digest was super!"

Are the rumors true?

We’re afraid so. Over the years, we’ve created the most successful direct mail package in the history of the Meredith Corporation, and the most successful package in the history of Rodale’s Book Division. We’ve had a five-year control for Popular Mechanics, an eight-year control for The N.Y. Review of Books, and a ten-year control for Writer’s Digest. Our package for The Asian Wall Street Journal quadrupled response, and it was written -- in Chinese! In short, we’re pretty good at our day job.

Can you help us get free publicity?

Our track record is pretty good. Like the time we helped catapult some of our local clients like Blanchard & Blanchard ... Stave Puzzles ... Geographic Data Technology ... onto the national stage. We've even helped a brilliant dancer, Natalia Alonso, realize her lifelong dream and appear on the cover of Dance Magazine.

Do you create emails and landing pages?

Sure. Direct marketing goes deep into our bones. We always study what’s working -- paper and interactive.


Can you help us launch our new product ... our new website ... our new company?

Yes. That’s why we get paid the big bucks. Over the years, we’ve helped bold entrepreneurs position new products and services ... enterprising publishers launch exciting, new magazines ... fast-moving software startups create new websites ... innovative mail order companies bring to market new-fangled products ... and ambitious insurance companies test new kinds of policies.

Wait! We need help with all kinds of Marketing Communications.

No sweat. We can help you wrestle the octopus back into the box. Juggling many balls cheerfully is well within our strike zone. Check out all the cool things we can do for you here.

Who are your clients?

While most of our clients have been big direct marketers like Time-Life, Rodale Press, Meredith, Intuit, or Consumer Reports, we certainly enjoy assisting bold entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, or worthy non-profits that require compelling communications to captivate and inspire.

What’s the best way to get in touch?

If you want to hire us for a project ... have questions about our work ... or just want to say hi, send an email.

jcmanheimer [at] gmail [dot] com

dog lovers

"Josh, your emails are kicking ass!
Up to 11%+ conversion rate from 7.22%"

Adam Young, President, Community Service Help










alternative energy



"You are still winning big. Still by a factor of 2 to 1.

James Baker
Vermont Magazine

"I swim in your wake."

"Damn you, Manheimer! I'm on a really tight deadline and unfortunately I just discovered your site. Not only did all the cool stuff on it cost me a good hour on my project, I'll probably have to polish up my copy an extra half dozen to get it anywhere near where you've raised the bar. Thanks a bunch."

"Hi Josh, you don't know me but I just wanted to say a great big WOW! from Canada. I'm also in marketing, you like ARE marketing. You're an inspiration! Great, great stuff! Regards,"

"Finally got this year's copy of Who's Charging What! Had no idea it was you who did so many of my favorite packages. Your work reminds me why I got into direct in the first place. Thanks for showing the rest of us the way!"
"Dear Josh, I swim in your wake. I have long admired your work (especially one effort I recall for Writer's Digest), and I oftne find myself recommending you when clients are looking to test something other than my stuff. I'm very good at selling clients on using me, but not quite as good at making the package! I steal shamelessly from you..."
Prefers to Remain Anonymous

"I've never written a letter to a direct mail copywriter before. But your subscription package for Writer's Digest was super."
Bob Bly, Author, "The Copywriter's Handbook"

"After studying Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Parris Lampropoulos, and all of the old Masters, I consider myself very fortunate to have found you website. I'll be studying your packages, and hopefully stealing your secrets, too ;-) It was an honor to read your work."



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